Business-minded e-commerce.
Core-portal offers a complete online sales tool for your B2B e-commerce. With the help of a sales portal or flexible webshop, B2B customers can place orders anywhere and at any time.

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Fashion-specific features.

Core-portal offers very extensive fashion functionalities and connects seamlessly with your processes, such as pre-sales and stock sale catalogs, never-out-of-stock, lookbooks, self-service for representatives and customers, an extensive returns module and a digital asset manager where B2B customers can download their own photos.

Seamless integration with all systems.

Your ERP can be easily integrated with Core-portal. In addition to easy integration, Core-portal is easily connected to our sales app and PIM. This puts all your vital processes in the same place and eliminates the need for different systems working independently of each other.

Self-service for your documents.

With Core-portal, customers and agents can view deliveries, order history, order status, stocks, payment agreements, quotes and invoices and download images with just a few clicks. Need any more assistance? We’re still there to help you.

Control over your pricing.

Core-portal allows you to communicate and calculate customer-specific prices, credit limits, payment terms, and promotional discounts to customers. You can easily adjust this with every customer or even customer groups.
Thanks to the integration with Tweakwise, your Core-commerce webshop gets all the possibilities for the perfect search and sorting functions. Use the best conversion-enhancing product discovery features from Tweakwise, the market leader in the Benelux in this field that has already proven its added value in hundreds of shops. This smart CRO tool improves the most important aspects of your shop without the need for developers, so your business users are in full control.

ERP powered
e-commerce experience.

Core-suite’s design enables you to connect with any ERP or other business software. Besides being able to link with any system, Core-suite’s products are all connected via the Optimizers Platform, ensuring maximum effectivity in all processes.

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Core-commerce is a super fast, reliable, international, and fully scalable SaaS e-commerce platform with maximum flexibility.