AFAS certified integration for Core-sales / App4Sales.

Are you using AFAS Profit or AFAS Online and want to easily optimize your sales processes? The mobile sales app Core-sales / App4Sales allows you to reduce the number of administrative actions of your field staff and agents and maximize your business results. Manually entering sales orders into AFAS is a thing of the past!
From now on, record your sales orders directly into the sales app. Thanks to the AFAS integration, your representatives have access to your entire digital catalogue. Your items are retrieved from your administration through the integration, including real-time stock information. With this information, your field staff never has to say no to your customers.
You can create new customers in Core-sales / App4Sales or select a customer to edit and then save them. Any changes made and any new customers will appear in your AFAS administration immediately. You can consult the files on each customer card. Easily gain an overview of all your customer’s documents, such as sent dispatch orders, sent information, and attachments.
Make use of the digital catalogue, select one of your customers, write an order in the sales app and send it directly to your back office. The sales orders will appear in your AFAS administration in real-time. Manually entering data is no longer needed, so you avoid errors and can easily speed up the order process.

Core-sales / App4Sales ticks all the boxes.

We know about the complex needs of your ERP system, so let us assist you in optimizing your business. Here are some key points that Core-sales / App4Sales tackles for you. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!


An extensive, certified integration with AFAS

Real-time information

Consult stock levels, customer-specific price lists, and files

Online & Offline mode

Use Core-sales / App4Sales in both online and offline modes with AFAS

Customer database

View, edit, and create customers within Core-sales / App4Sales

Digital catalogue

Consult all items from AFAS in the sales app

Scan items

Easily add your items with a bluetooth scanner

Perfect for all situations.

If you sell at trade shows or are often on site, Core-sales is the perfect solution! Scan business cards, scan or select an item and immediately register an order with a new customer. It couldn’t be easier!

Download the app at the App store:

Download the app at the App store:

Certified AFAS connector for Core-sales / App4Sales

Core-sales / App4Sales can be connected to one of the following Visma Cloud solutions: Visma.NET, Visma eAccounting or Visma AccountView.
Optimizers is a certified development partner of AFAS and has developed a connector for AFAS Profit for Core-sales / App4Sales. This connector has been certified by AFAS software, which means it is technically inspected and meets all set requirements. Contact us and start processing your sales even faster today! With the certified Core-sales / App4Sales integration for AFAS, you are able to process your sales orders as efficiently as possible. All order and customer information is directly visible in your administration.
Your AFAS administration is connected to Core-sales / App4Sales by means of a integration with the Core-sales / App4Sales content management system (CMS). The CMS enables you to gain insight into the users of the sales app and various kinds of statistics. You gain an overview of what your field staff sells and the CMS makes the order process transparent and measurable. Gain even more control over the sales process with the Core-sales / App4Sales CMS!

AFAS and Core-sales / App4Sales system requirements

The installation of Core-sales / App4Sales depends on the ERP package you are using, namely AFAS Profit or AFAS Online. For both software packages, you need to be in possession of the AFAS Profit+ license, which allows us to communicate with your administration and perform the implementation as efficiently as possible. If you are using AFAS Profit, we will create the connection through a remote desktop connection to install Core-sales / App4Sales. We need the remote URL to access your administration, your login details, and the environment code for this. If you are using a warehouse in your sales process, a warehouse code is also required.
For AFAS Online, we need the remote URL to access your administration, your login details, and the environment code.
In order to have Core-sales / App4Sales function correctly on your iPad, iOS 10 or higher is required. Discover the features of Core-sales / App4Sales yourself, download the free app in the Apple App Store:

AFAS administration user rights

The following user rights are required to perform the installation. The user must have all rights, which means:
  • The option: “Connector” must be enabled so that the user is authorized to read out a connector
  • The user must be able to create and execute Getconnectors
  • The user must be able to manage Appconnectors
  • The user must have access to the management tool to be able to create free fields
  • The user must have the connector property so that access is gained to the Get and Update-connectors