Core-suite can be connected to various systems. Do you want to know more? Contact us!

Looking for the perfect addition to your Exact Online environment for your sales? Discover the integration with Core-suite.

Your customers can sign orders in the mobile app and send them to your Microsoft Business Central administration.

The integration between Core-suite and your Visma software allows you to access up-to-date product and customer data at any time.

Want to optimize your sales process? Integrate Core-suite with Oracle Netsuite.

Experience certified integration With AFAS software. Sync data between platforms, ensuring efficient workflows and optimized business processes.

Streamline processes with ease through our integrated solution with Exact Globe.
The Fortnox integration with Core-suite ensures up-to-date article and customer data at all times.
Easily connect your administration with our RESTful API, linking your software to the Core-sales / App4Sales CMS.

Enhance your B2B sales operations with the seamless integration between Björn Lundén and Core-suite.

Your representatives and customers easily register orders so they automatically end up in your Garp ERP system.

Explore seamless integration between Accountview with Core-suite, enhancing efficiency and streamlining processes for your business.

With the Infor LN integration, formerly Baan Software, your item and customer data in the sales app is always up to date.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration ensures that orders end up in your administration immediately after they have been placed.

Enhance your sales operations with seamless integration between Monitor ERP and Core-suite.

Easily register orders with the integration with Multicase.

Integrate your Newbase administration with Core-suite now and start increasing your sales revenue.

Integrate Picqer with Core-suite services.

The SAP connection with Core-suite ensures that data is exchanged between both systems.
Streamline processes with ease through our integrated solution with Snelstart.

Easily register new customers, place orders and send them to your Specter administration.

Get up-to-date customer and product data by connecting Core-suite to your Uniconta software.

We contribute with simple mobile work solutions in the form of standard company apps with connections to existing business systems.

Easily register orders, after which they automatically end up in your Winbas software.