The perfect portal for fashion.

The world of fashion e-commerce has its own, very specific set of challenges and needs. Pre-stock, never-out-of-stock, customer-specific pricing, you name it. We have extensive experience in this market, and have just the tool for your business.

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Manage stock your way.

Purchasing, managing and selling stock isn’t always straight-forward in the world of fashion. Manage your pre-sale and stock sale inventories separately, keep track of future stock and offer never-out-of-stock products. Advanced return rules and reasons let your customers be in control of their stock as well.

Show off your style.

It’s all about the looks, isn’t it? Core-portal offers the perfect features for showing off your catalog, and helping your customers do the same. The buy-the-look feature lets your customers add complete clothing sets from beautiful images right into their shopping carts. The digital asset manager lets you easily share media with customers.

Your shop, your customers.

You want full control over all your customers’ specifics. Set specific pricing for each of them, segment them into groups and let some of them view your whitelabel products. You can temporarily impersonate your customers in your portal to place orders for them. And your customers can use multiple shopping carts to manage their session.

Core-suite is at home in all markets.

While these features were made with fashion B2B shops in mind, what’s stopping other shops with multidimensional products from making smart use of these features? Think outdoor, home deco, food, animals! These features are empower your shop to the maximum level.

ERP powered
e-commerce experience.

Core-suite’s design enables you to connect with any ERP or other business software. Besides being able to link with any system, Core-suite’s products are all connected via the Optimizers Platform, ensuring maximum effectivity in all processes.

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Core-portal offers a complete online sales tool for your fashion e-commerce with effective features for you and your customers.