Core-sales Premium

Automatically import your ERP data into the sales app and start selling. In addition to all the useful functions that you already get from Basic, you can now integrate your sales process into the rest of your business processes.

Always have the latest insights into your customers, their data and orders, and of course your data such as stock and product properties.

Core-sales Premium features.

The extensive catalog and order functions of Core-sales Premium ensure an automated and streamlined order process.

App for representatives and customers

The sales app of Core-sales Premium is accessible to your representatives by default. They place the orders for your customers. If you want, you can also give your customers access to the app. They can download the standard sales app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and easily place their own orders.

ERP link

Core-sales Premium can quickly be linked to more than 40 ERP systems. If there is no standard ERP link available for your ERP system, it is also possible to link with an API.
The link ensures that representatives and customers always have access to correct information about, for example, the prices and stock levels of your products.
In addition, orders placed by both your representatives and customers are immediately visible in your administration. Manual handling is therefore no longer necessary, so you can send out that invoice faster!

Customer overview

Core-sales Premium has a clear overview of all your customers. This allows your representatives to quickly place orders for each customer. Are your representatives on their way? Then they can use the handy Maps feature with customer locations to see which customers are nearby. Customer visits can therefore be combined efficiently. It is also possible to enter a visit report, which you can view and download from the CMS.

Matrix function

The extensive matrix function in Core-sales Premium is a godsend for companies that sell products in, for example, different sizes or colors. The handy matrix shows you at a glance which products are available and lets you easily add them to the shopping cart.

Sign instantly

Placing an order is very easy with Core-sales Premium. The customer can sign the order directly on a phone or tablet. After that, the customer will immediately receive an order confirmation via email.

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The perfect sales app for every industry.

Core-sales is in a flexible sales app that allows representatives in all industries and in all environments to work efficiently. Make it easy for prospects, customers and yourself with our proven technology.

  • Effective in any industry.

    Core-sales works perfectly for any industry, whether that’s home deco, fashion, food or toys. Thanks to the flexibility of the app, you can adjust it completely to your liking with a matrix for colors and sizes and other styling options.

  • Perfect for trade shows.

    If you sell at trade shows, Core-sales is the perfect solution! Scan a visitor’s business card, scan or select an item and immediately register an order with the new customer. It couldn’t be easier!

The Core-sales packages.

Core-sales is available in 3 packages that meet specific requirements for data connection and the possibilities for styling. Choose the package that best suits your growth phase.

Core-sales basic

Start using Core-sales’ perfect Excel import-based sales app.

€ 69,- p/m
  • Digital catalog, lookbook, register customers and orders, scan barcodes
  • Import and export data via FTP or manually.
Core-sales premium

Automate your sales process with Core-sales Premium’s ERP-link.

€ 89,- p/m
  • Full online (API) connection to your ERP-system.
  • Real-time stock levels and prices.
Core-sales Enterprise

Automate your sales process and offer your customers a personalised experience with Core-Sales Enterprise.

€ 99,- p/m
  • Own stylesheet in the app and own icon for iOS devices.
  • Dual devices, use the sales app on your tablet and phone.

Core-sales can be linked to all business systems.

Link your sales app with your administration via the CMS using our certified links with the most common ERP systems. Please contact us for all possibilities to link to your system.

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Order to delivery.

Core-suite is the perfect solution for every step in the order to delivery chain. In addition to Core-sales, there are four other, seamlessly integrated products ready to optimize your organization.


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