Core-portal Enterprise

Equip your B2B shop with powerful sorting and filtering functions from Tweakwise. Your customers can easily find all the products they need to keep their shop current and attractive.

Connect your shop with marketplace platforms such as Channable and ChannelEngine so that you can easily sell on and Amazon, for example.

Core-portal Enterprise features.

With the features in Core-portal Enterprise, you are prepared for anything. Your customers will find all their data in your portal, and you will have complete control over transactions and interactions with your customers. The most comprehensive package gives you full connectivity options and extensive design customization.

Fully customizable design

Set up a strong branding for your B2B shop in which there is plenty of room for your corporate identity. From the search bar to the footer, the product cards and the shopping cart: everything is adaptable to the corporate identity that you have already carefully set up. Create your own pages and create a B2B shop with the same functions as a full website. The webshop can be used as your entire company site with its own homepage, contact page and dealer locator. You can also give non-customers access to these pages. You decide which information is visible to your visitors. For example, choose to show all products without price, or only display a specific collection, when visitors are not logged in. The possibilities are endless!

Matrix view

The extensive matrix function in Core-portal Enterprise is a godsend for companies that sell products in, for example, different sizes or colors. In a clear table, customers can see at a glance which products are available and easily add them to the shopping cart.

ERP connection

Core-portal Enterprise can be linked to more than 40 ERP systems. This means that information is automatically exchanged with your business system. Information about products, such as inventory levels and pricing, is automatically loaded into Core-portal Enterprise. Your customers and representatives will always see the most recent information! In addition, it is also possible to personalize this information for your customers. For example, have you made price agreements with a customer? That’s not a problem. When they log in, they see the prices that apply to them.
Does your customer place an order with Core-portal Enterprise? Then it will also be automatically forwarded to your ERP system. So you can immediately handle the order administratively. The customer automatically receives an order confirmation.


Core-portal Enterprise has a standard integration with shipping platform Sendcloud and sales platform Stockbase. A connection with marketplace platforms Channable and ChannelEngine is also a possibility. These platforms distribute your product information to affiliated marketplaces such as and Amazon. Using these tools ensures that your product information is consistent and up-to-date everywhere.

Tweakwise integration

Core-portal Enterprise comes with Tweakwise Medium Merchandising. This includes the standard site search functions which ensures that you give your visitors the most relevant results when they use the search function of the webshop. Think, for example, of automatically completing the search term, correcting spelling errors and searching for synonyms. You can also set up your own algorithms and use search banners.

In addition, with Core-portal Enterprise you also have the possibility to optimize your online shelf layout yourself. Determine the sorting of your products yourself, create dynamic redirects and set smart filters. Your customers will find what they are looking for faster, so your conversion visibly increases!

Personal dashboard

Your customers have access to a personal dashboard in which they can find all their relevant information. Information such as order and invoice history and shipping information can all be retrieved yourself in the customer-specific dashboard of Core-portal Enterprise.

Place orders for customers

Your representatives also have the option to log in and place orders for your customers. They can also put together an order and offer it as a quotation to the customer.

You can also prepare orders for your customers yourself. For example, do you have a new collection? Then add the products to your customers’ shopping carts.

Email marketing & discount codes

Thanks to the link with email marketing platform MailChimp, you can send your customers an email to let them know about the new collection. All your customer has to do is complete the order! Is this convenience not enough to convince your customer? Then you can also offer a discount code. Core-portal Enterprise supports both fixed amount or percentage discount codes or discount codes based on rules, such as a discount when spending a certain amount.

Presale and stock sale

With our presale catalog for pre-sales, you let your customers pre-purchase the new collection. Collect all orders in a timely manner through the portal to streamline your purchasing process. In the separate catalog with protected rights, presales can take place securely.

Returns module

The returns module enables you to optimize your returns process through workflows. Through customer segments, flows can be connected to your returns handling and you can create your own forms in which the customer can enter his or her return, with photos of course! This optimizes the return process and ensures fast processing. All from the same environment. The return order is automatically placed in your ERP system after registration. If desired, it is even possible to have the notified return assessed first.

Content library

Share your content with (online) resellers through our content library. Filter and search through images, videos and documents and easily share them with a download link.

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Your personalized shop.

Core-portal is a user-friendly sales portal (Basic package) or webshop (from Standard package) that gives your B2B customers the opportunity to place an order at any time.

  • Wishlists.

    Your customers can easily create wishlists on the portal or in the webshop based on popular items. These wishlistst can easily be converted into an order later.

  • Look & feel.

    Take your branding to the next level with Core-portal. Easily adjust the look & feel, so that your sales tool is consistent with your own corporate identity. In addition, design your own pages, the lookbook and the buy-the-look pages.

  • Marketing tool.

    Make your marketing material available to your B2B customers. In Core-portal you place files and information that they can easily download and reuse in their own sales.

  • Industry specific features.

    We like to develop features that add value to your industry and understand the challenges of brand owners, wholesalers and distributors. Our solutions help you stay relevant and innovative within your industry.

The Core portal packages.

Core portal is available in 4 packages. Each package fits a phase in the growth path of your organization. Get to know B2B e-commerce with the Basic package or step in at Standard and grow into Enterprise.

Core-portal basic

The sales portal for your business-to-business e-commerce.

€ 415,- p/m
  • Get your B2B e-commerce off to a flying start with a plug and play sales portal.
Core-portal standard

Upgrade your B2B e-commerce with a flexible business webshop.

€ 675,- p/m
  • Customise the look and feel of your webshop to match your house style.
  • Powerful search functionality with Tweakwise Site Search.
  • Fashion industry specific features.
Core-portal premium

Take your branding to the next level with Core-portal Premium.

€ 975,- p/m
  • Manage the translations of your webshop so that you can also reach international customers.
  • Effective filtering and sorting functions with Tweakwise Medium Merchandising.
  • Advanced options for communication between you and your customers.
  • Fashion industry specific features.
Core-portal enterprise

Optimise your webshop conversion with Core-portal Enterprise and the Tweakwise integration.

€ 1.250,-
  • Increase your sales by adding featured products and personalised feeds to your B2B webshop.
  • Expand your reach by also selling your products through marketplaces.
  • Linking with Channable and Channel Engine.
  • Effective recommendations in your shop with Tweakwise Recommended Recommendations.
  • Fashion industry specific features.

Core-portal can be linked to all platforms.

Connect Core-portal to several omnichannel software solutions and ERP-systems. Everything in one place, completely under control. Contact us for more information about the linking options.

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Order to delivery.

Core-suite is the perfect solution for every step in the order to delivery chain. In addition to Core-portal, there are four other, fully seamlessly integrated products ready to optimize your organization.


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