Our Core-logistics packages.

Core-logistics is available in 2 packages. Is your organization a wholesale or e-commerce player? Then the logistics template from Core-logistics Basic is perfect to streamline your logistics transactions.
Do you use external logistics parties (3PL) or is your company a production company? Then Core-logistics Premium gives you all the freedom to design logistics processes yourself. Especially for companies that need ultimate flexibility.

Core-logistcs basic

Wholesale & E-commerce

€ 1.295,- p/m
  • Always a blueprint.
  • Modular expansion.
  • Limited adjustments possible on process template.
  • Consultation indication 20 days.
  • 25 users.
Core-logistcs premium

3PL & Productie

€ 4.295,- p/m
  • Production support.
  • Multi company.
  • Process template speeds up the project.
  • Complex wishes are possible.
  • Comprehensive guidance from a consultant.

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Order picking with Core-logistics and Google Glass.

Core-logistics can be linked to Google Glass. This takes order picking within your organization to a higher level!

  • Link with Google Glass.

    The link between Core-logistics and Google Glass is built completely dynamically using core-logistics’ low-code process designer.

  • Picking orders with the Google Glass.

    Through the prism in the Augmented Reality glasses, the picking order arrives at the order picker. The order picker therefore has his hands free to start working immediately. This speeds up the order picking process significantly.

  • Confirming commands with a ring scanner.

    Picking orders are confirmed by the order picker with the corresponding ring scanner. With the side panel on the glasses, new commands can even be given.

Connect Core-logistics to your business systems.

Connect Core-logistics with your ERP, TMS and MES system. The software also works perfectly with robotics and we seamlessly link it with warehouse automation. Contact us for more information about the linking options.

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Order to delivery.

Core-suite is the perfect solution for every step in the order to delivery chain. In addition to Core-logistics, there are four other, fully seamlessly integrated products ready to optimize your organization.


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