Core-delivery Enterprise

Core-delivery Enterprise is the most comprehensive Delivery package and allows you to create a perfect delivery experience. A completely paperless e-CMR functionality is also possible.

Start with Core-delivery Enterprise now and make your delivery process efficient and paperless!

Core-delivery Enterprise features.

With your delivery empire, you need extremely powerful software to keep everything running consistently. Core-delivery Enterprise gives you all the tools to direct complex delivery processes.

Drivers app

Core-delivery Enteprise includes the most comprehensive version of the drivers app. Drivers use this app to view their journeys and indicate what actions they perform. Think of loading, unloading, or delivering a package to the neighbors. Thanks to the link with all known navigation apps, the driver can also easily navigate to the next destination.

The app includes the following standard features:

  • Loading/unloading functions
  • Connect to navigation apps
  • Creating rides through scanning
  • Multi-customer function
  • Contact with fellow drivers
  • Transfer rides to colleagues
  • Check scan on loading
  • Add photos as proof-of-delivery
  • SIgn-on-glass
  • 18+ identification check
  • Delivery to the neighbors
  • Break registration
  • Add mileage and hours
  • Driver trip review
  • Support on iOS, Android, Trimble tablet and Mercedes Benz Fleetboard
  • Secure login

In addition, the Enterprise package also includes:

  • Packaging registration
  • Two-way communication
  • Two-way communication with Simacan
  • “I’m available” function
  • Configurable GPS update frequency
  • Full e-CMR functionality (on request)
  • Extensive packaging function (on request)

Track & Trace

With the Track & Trace functionality of Core-delivery you have insight into the locations of your delivery drivers and packages at any time! The track & trace portal includes at least the following standard features:

  • Live vehicle tracking
  • Notification of proof-of-delivery
  • Manual email notification of sending

In addition, Core-delivery Enterprise also includes:

  • Automatic email notification of sending
  • Complete overview of live track & trace, also in multiple customer environments
  • Full track & trace portal for customers

Order and routemanagement

Thanks to Core-delivery, order and route management becomes a breeze! In the clear portal you can quickly and easily put together routes for your driver. You no longer have to think about which route they should drive, because Core-delivery calculates the most efficient route at the touch of a button!

The following features are included as standard:

  • Order management
  • Driver and vehicle management
  • Manual import of tasks and orders
  • Order and route optimization
  • Time and capacity restrictions

Core-delivery Enterprise also includes:

  • Assign trips to specific drivers or vehicles
  • Two-way communication with the drivers app
  • Printing the loading and trip list
  • Assign rides to external parties


Core-delivery Enterprise gives you clear reports. This allows you to see at a glance whether the delivery is going as planned and whether it is necessary to make adjustments.

You always receive:

  • PDF trip reports
  • Weekly driver score reports
  • Excel overview of planned and realized trips

With the Enterprise package of Core-delivery you also receive:

  • PowerBI link with access to reporting dashboards
  • PayChecked and Labour Inspectorate (WAB legislation) downloads


Core-delivery can be perfectly linked to all your business systems. This ensures that all important information about orders and deliveries no longer has to be entered manually. This saves you time and costs.

By default, Core-delivery includes the following connectivity functionalities:

  • Easy Excel order import
  • API connection for order import from Exact Globe and Exact Online (two-way communication possible as an add-on)

With Core-delivery Enterprise, connectivity capabilities are more extensive and also possible:

  • Complete API for orders and trips
  • Realization API
  • Simacan platform connector


e-CMR is the digital alternative to the paper consignment note. Core-delivery is a party designated by NIWO to issue this e-CMR. This means that the digital consignment note meets the European standards. The big advantage of e-CMR is considerable cost savings, both in direct and indirect costs. Think of the time that drivers save because they no longer have to fill in paper forms that then have to be processed manually.

Core-delivery meets the need to work completely paperless. Four different types are possible.

  • e-CMR type 1: official e-CMRnow er generator
  • e-CMR type 2: Transactions based on a single device sign-on-glass
  • e-CMR type 3: Transactions based on dual device drawn
  • e-CMR type 4: A combination of the above types.

This feature is on request. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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Core-delivery: a proven solution.

More than 700 companies and 25.000 drivers already use Core-delivery. A proven solution in the market!

  • Live within one day.

    Core-delivery can be implemented quickly. Within one day you can start using the drivers app and dashboard based on Excel import. Hired transport is also on the road within one day!

  • Completely paperless.

    Processing trip statements and paper consignment notes takes a lot of time. Core-delivery offers the possibility to work completely paperless. This makes your delivery process more efficient and cheaper.

  • Privacy completely guaranteed.

    Privacy is extremely important to us. Core-delivery is therefore ISO27001 certified. This shows that we take data security very seriously and data security has been brought to a high standard.

Our Core-delivery packages.

Core-delivery is available in 3 packages. Start with Core-delivery Basic, which gives you instant access to the driver app and a dashboard that allows you to optimize your tasks and routes and track vehicles live. Need more? Then Core-delivery Premium and Core-delivery Enterprise meet all your wishes. Read more about the different packages here.

Core-delivery basic

Start with Core-delivery Basic right away! Pay only for your usage.

€ 79,- p/m
  • Driver app including interfacing with navigation apps, use on on-board computers, sign-on-glass, and live tracking of vehicles.
  • Order and route management and optimisation.
Core-delivery premium

For the companies that need that little bit extra.

€ 149,- p/m
  • Driver app including interfacing with navigation apps, use on on-board computers, sign-on-glass, and live tracking of vehicles.
  • Comprehensive order and route management including two-way communication with the driver app.
Core-delivery enterprise

The complete delivery platform including possibility of complete e-CMR.

On request
  • Complete driver app including interfacing with navigation apps, use on on-board computers, sign-on-glass, live tracking of vehicles and possibility of complete e-CMR.
  • Optimal order and route management including two-way communication with drivers and app and assign trips to external parties.

Link Core-delivery to your business systems.

Core-delivery can be integrated with any ERP, CRM or OMS system via the API, Excel or the Open Trip Model. This ensures that both your organization, the driver and the customer always have up-to-date information. The Core-delivery app for drivers can be downloaded on all iOS and Android phones and tablets and is also available on all on-board computers. As a result, it is not necessary to purchase additional equipment!

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Order to delivery.

Core-suite is the perfect solution for every step in the order to delivery chain. In addition to Core-delivery, there are four other, fully seamlessly integrated products ready to optimize your organization.


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