Core-commerce Basic

The strength of a strong webshop lies in a powerful e-commerce platform. With Core-commerce Basic you make use of the years of experience of Core-commerce, but with a low entry!

Standardized, but still adaptable to your working method and corporate identity.

Core-commerce Basic features.

With the features in Core-commerce Basic you can immediately get started with an effective lightweight shop.

Serve international markets

Core-commerce Basic gives you the possibility to offer your webshop in multiple countries. You can run your shop in multiple languages and currencies, so your customers can pay in the currency they know. You can also offer different content per country, so you can ensure that your offer fits well with your target group!

Tweakwise integration

Core-commerce Basic comes with Tweakwise Medium Merchandising. This includes the standard site search functions that ensure that you give your visitors the most relevant results when they use the search function of the webshop. Think, for example, of automatically completing the search term, correcting spelling errors and searching for synonyms. In addition, there is the possibility to optimize online shelf layout. Think of the sorting of your product and, dynamic redirects and smart filters.
At Core-commerce Basic you do not receive your own Tweakwise login, but everything is automatically adjusted!

Your customers will find what they are looking for faster, which will visibly increase your conversion rate!

Custom design

With Core-commerce Basic you get many possibilities to make the webshop perfectly match your carefully developed corporate identity. Configure the style of the buttons yourself, use your own fonts and logos, determine the dimensions of the product cards and use the colors of your corporate identity. With these options you can set up a shop that fits perfectly with your own corporate identity!

Single Page Application

With all Core-commerce packages, your webshop is built as a Single Page Application – a SPA. The starting point of this is that the shop is loaded directly into the browser. This means that every request on your website is handled directly in the browser. The data is simply retrieved again without reloading the page instead of first sending it to a server as is the case with regular websites. The result of this? An ultimate fast website that creates a fantastic user experience with your visitors. And of course we ensure that the URLs on your website are SEO-proof.

Get a demo.

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Your shop at the highest level.

Core-commerce is a user-friendly system where you can maintain, optimize and upgrade your shop with ease. But even more important is the front: a Core-commerce shop guarantees an optimally performing and successful platform.

  • Proven effective.

    Take advantage of technology that has made successful shops great! With 25 years of experience, we know exactly how to make your shop a success.

  • Fully customizable platform.

    Let your shop exactly match the wishes of your organization and your customers. Create a beautiful platform that features the best visual and technological solutions.

  • Become the best in your market.

    Core-commerce customers consistently win awards for best shop in their category. Contact us now and become the market leader!

The Core-commerce packages.

Core-commerce is available in 4 packages. Each of the packages fits a growth phase of your organization. Start at Basic, and we’ll grow with you into Enterprise! With Core-commerce you make your webshop as efficient as possible and create fans of your company.

Core-commerce basic

The complete D2C e-commerce platform.

€ 799,- p/m
  • Give your shop a flying start with our SaaS Commerce platfom with a time-to-market of one day and get started right away with your user-friendly shop.
Core-commerce standard

Upgrade your conversion with
smart technology.

€ 2.399,- p/m
  • Facilitate all customer journeys with Tweakwise’s smart search and filtering features.
  • Link Core-commerce seamlessly to your business systems.
Core-commerce premium

The powerful next level
In which you decide everything.

€ 5.499,- p/m
  • Fully customise your shop to your corporate identity to stand out.
  • Lightning-fast development through our PaaS environment and comprehensive support and development services.
  • Take advantage of Tweakwise’s comprehensive recommendations and increase your order value.
Core-commerce enterprise

Clad the top of the market
with your outstanding platform.

€ 7.599,- p/m
  • Innovate at an unprecedented pace with the scalable and powerful features for advanced e commerce.
  • Take advantage of the most extensive customisation options.
  • Be ready for now and the future with a flexible platform and keep growing.
  • Use all Tweakwise’s features to create an unforgettable, personalised experience for every visitor.

Core-commerce can be linked to all systems.

Thanks to our architecture and the ability to add custom functionality to Core-commerce, we can connect with all partners within the e-commerce ecosystem. This is how we link with these forerunners within the e-commerce domain:

Platform logo Microsoft Platform logo Netsuite Platform logo Afas Platform logo Visma Platform logo Exact Platform logo SAP

Order to delivery.

Core-suite is the perfect solution for every step in the order to delivery chain. In addition to Core-commerce, there are four other, fully seamlessly integrated products ready to optimize your organization.


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