Leading e-commerce technology.

Core-commerce is the complete e-commerce platform for your B2C and D2C market, developed on the basis of advanced new techniques used by leading parties in the market.

Core-commerce is an extensive SaaS e-commerce platform with maximum flexibility and an extremely short time-to-market: within a day your products are live! Core-commerce is super fast, reliable, international, secure and fully scalable.

Are you ready for the next step in e-commerce?

The Core-commerce packages.

Core-commerce is available in 4 packages. Each of the packages fits a growth phase of your organization. Start at Basic, and we’ll grow with you into Enterprise! With Core-commerce you make your webshop as efficient as possible and create fans of your company.

Core-commerce basic

The complete D2C e-commerce platform.

€ 799,- p/m
  • Give your shop a flying start with our SaaS Commerce platfom with a time-to-market of one day and get started right away with your user-friendly shop.
Core-commerce standard

Upgrade your conversion with
smart technology.

€ 2.399,- p/m
  • Facilitate all customer journeys with Tweakwise’s smart search and filtering features.
  • Link Core-commerce seamlessly to your business systems.
Core-commerce premium

The powerful next level
In which you decide everything.

€ 5.499,- p/m
  • Fully customise your shop to your corporate identity to stand out.
  • Lightning-fast development through our PaaS environment and comprehensive support and development services.
  • Take advantage of Tweakwise’s comprehensive recommendations and increase your order value.
Core-commerce enterprise

Clad the top of the market
with your outstanding platform.

€ 7.599,- p/m
  • Innovate at an unprecedented pace with the scalable and powerful features for advanced e commerce.
  • Take advantage of the most extensive customisation options.
  • Be ready for now and the future with a flexible platform and keep growing.
  • Use all Tweakwise’s features to create an unforgettable, personalised experience for every visitor.


Exceed the expectations of your customers and ensure extra growth in your e-commerce business. With Core-commerce you make your webshop as efficient as possible and create fans of your company.

Super-fast, scalable and reliable e-commerce.

With Core-commerce we offer you a D2C and B2C e-commerce platform that grows with the phase in which your organization is located. Core-commerce stands for a faster and reliable e-commerce platform equipped with the latest techniques, developed by 25 years of experience in building strong shops.

Connected to your system.

Make use of best-of-breed by linking with all products within your e-commerce landscape. Or use our App4Sales platform to link with your administration, where you can be up-and-running within one day and no technical knowledge is required.

Leading the way with the best technology.

Core-commerce works with a MACH architecture to give you full control and flexibility over your webshop. API-first, cloud-native and headless and an agile work process. Thanks to this architecture, you never have to replatform again!

Short time-to-market.

With a short time-to-market of 1 day, you can quickly implement Core-commerce in your company. Core-commerce supports multiple storefronts to create custom differentiation at the front of your shop.

Use the techniques of successful brands.

Core-commerce has years of experience in the field of e-commerce. Many market leaders use the proven technology, and you can benefit from it! Step in now and start with a leg up for the competition.

Core-commerce offers more.

Multilingual, multi-currency, more brand identity, more speed, more adjustable, more connected, more focus on customers, more orders. And more importantly: we are there for you! We build and integrate Core-commerce ourselves, so we are flexible and can think along with you optimally.

Thanks to the integration with Tweakwise, your Core-commerce webshop gets all the possibilities for the perfect search and sorting functions. Use the best conversion-enhancing product discovery features from Tweakwise, the market leader in the Benelux in this field that has already proven its added value in hundreds of shops.

This smart CRO tool improves the most important aspects of your shop without the need for developers, so your business users are in full control.
Core-suite Tweakwise

Core-commerce can be linked to all systems.

Thanks to our architecture and the ability to add custom functionality to Core-commerce, we can connect with all partners within the e-commerce ecosystem. This is how we link with these forerunners within the e-commerce domain:

Platform logo – Microsoft Platform logo – Picqer Platform logo – Accountview Platform logo – Asci Platform logo – Bjorn Lunden Platform logo – Clearis Platform logo – Exact Globe Platform logo – Exact Online Platform logo – Fortnox logo Platform logo – Garp Platform logo – Infor Platform logo – King Platform logo – Logic4 Platform logo – Microsoft Dyanamics Navision Platform logo – Montior Platform logo – iMuis Platform logo – Multicase Platform logo – Newbase Platform logo – Oracle Netsuite Platform logo – Picqer Platform logo – Quickbooks Platform logo – Sage 100 Platform logo – Snelstart Platform logo – Specter Platform logo – Styleman Platform logo – Tracezilla Platform logo – Uniconta Platform logo – Unit4 Platform logo – Wholesale Platform logo – Winbas Platform logo – Netsuite Platform logo – Afas Platform logo – Visma Platform logo – Exact Platform logo – SAP

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Your shop at the highest level.

Core-commerce is a user-friendly system where you can maintain, optimize and upgrade your shop with ease. But even more important is the front: a Core-commerce shop guarantees an optimally performing and successful platform.

  • Proven effective.

    Take advantage of technology that has made successful shops great! With 25 years of experience, we know exactly how to make your shop a success.

  • Fully customizable platform.

    Let your shop exactly match the wishes of your organization and your customers. Create a beautiful platform that features the best visual and technological solutions.

  • Become the best in your market.

    Core-commerce customers consistently win awards for best shop in their category. Contact us now and become the market leader!

Order to delivery.

Core-suite is the perfect solution for every step in the order to delivery chain. In addition to Core-commerce, there are four other, fully seamlessly integrated products ready to optimize your organization.


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